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For those who are searching, and for those who are curious, The Reclamation Project has a mission to provide science and evidence to questions about GOD and the Bible. For so long, answers to these type of questions have been rooted in the personal experience-only: “This is what I believe because. . ." Either that or answers to these questions have simply been denied or shelved for later. For the naturally skeptical mind, especially those of the newer generations, this approach no longer enjoys the level of effectiveness it once did, say 30 years ago. Competing and very believable alternative theories about "how did it all began?" and "how will it end?" provide plausible arguments to the very popular Creation Story.

For the typical mind in this new millennium, the objective examinations into the existence of GOD which are grounded in empirical, statistical and historical data evidence, are what attract their attention, appeal to their senses, and strike a chord within their rational minds. What is absolutely amazing and awesome, but not surprisingly, is that the GOD of the universe provided everything anyone could ever need in order to be convinced. Whether you consider archeology or philosophy to Chemistry or Particle Physics, the bio of GOD — the Bible — has it all.

Well, The Reclamation Project just so happens to be that place where you can connect all the dots.

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